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A FLAT-BED truck is a type of truck which can be either "Articulated*" or "Rigid". It has an entirely flat, level body with absolutely no sides or roof. This allows for quick and easy loading and transport of containers or break-bulk goods, which are not delicate or vulnerable to rain, snow, or direct sunshine; goods such as construction equipment, pipes, metal bars, or stone blocks. They are also used to transport abnormal loads that require more space than is available on a closed body.

* Articulated:semi-trailer* truck or tractor-trailer (colloquially known as an 18-wheeler, semi, orbig-rig in the U.S.; as a semi in Australia and Canada; and as an articulated lorry (artic), or truck and trailer in the U.K., Ireland,  and New Zealand) is an artculated truck or lorry, consisting of a towing engine (tractor in the U.S., Prime Mover in Australia, and truck

 in the U.K. and New Zealand),

and a semi- trailer (plus possible additional trailers) that carries the freight. In the U.K., the termjuggernaut is sumetimes used for specially large articulated lorries.

* Trailer: A large transport conveyance designed to be pulled by a truck or tractor.

 NOTE: There are some trailers modified with side and roof metal struccture with wooden panels, coverable with tarpauline, to be shaped as a closed box. These trailers are used for more sensitive and/or goods required to be transported in a closed, protected box such as goods in transit under TIR Carnet.













A TANK TRUCK is a motor vehicle designed to carry liquified loads, cargo, or gasses on roadways. The largest tank trucks are similar to railroad tank cars, wihch are also designed to carry liquified loads. Many variants exist due to the wide variety of liquids that can be transported. Tank trucks can be large or small, insulated or non-insulated, pressurized or non-pressurized and designed for single or multiple loads.

Size, Weight and Volume: TANK TRUCKS are referenced by their size or volume capacity. In the U.S., truck volume is mesured in gallons elsewhere the metric Liters is used (1 US Gallon = 3,7854 Liters). Large trucks typically have capacities ranginf from 4000 galons (15,142 liters) to 9000 galons (34,069 liters). A TANK TRUCK is distingusihed by its shape, usually a cylindrical tank upon the vehicle lying horizontally. Some other less visible distinctions among tank trucks are their intended use: compliance with human food regulations, refrigeration capabilities, acid resistance, pressurization capability, and others.





A REFRIGERATOR TRUCK  is a truck designed to carry perishable freight at specific low tempreature. Reefer trucks can be ice-cooled, be equipped with any one of a variety of mechanical or electrical refrigeration systems, or utilize carbon dioxide (either as dry ice, or in liquid form) as a cooling agent.






A trailer that can be loaded in two rows, with passenger cars, SUV's, etc.






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