Bamdadan Bar has been proudly able to accomplish its stable position in the Middle East transportation market over the first decade of activity. During the first half of the second decade, a good reasonable market share was achieved.




After 15 years of rendering committed, satisfying services to various clients in and out of Iran, 2007 is a fresh new start for the group to become more active and more powerful in the market, by expansion of its customers profile,service range, and market share.The first step is taken by adding up a member to the group,Customs Clearance. But, this is not the only change in the minds of those who run the group.




In Bamdadan Bar Group, there is a strong believe in the great power of qualified, experinced, and committed personnel. Continuous training programs for the staff in both fields of documentation and operations, will enable the group to be up-to-date and ready for the various challenges the future may hold.